We live in the country on an 87 acre family farm (with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.).
Our dogs are part of our family and are treated as such. Most live in nice, large yards around our home.

Dayna T. Johnson
I am the "dog" lady ! I am also mother to 4 wonderful children and wife to an awesome husband. I am an alumni of UGA (Go DAWGS!) - graduated with an MEd and spent 2 years as a county agent with the UGA Cooperative Extension Service. I then spent 13 years teaching public high school. I loved my years employed in education but when my own children came along we made the decision to homeschool. We have been homeschooling since 2002 and that has been an awesome experience. It gives us so much time with our children and animals - our whole family is involved with caring for our dogs and puppies and someone is always home with them.

Perry Johnson

The man of the house, our strength and salvation and the one who keeps us calm. He is husband, father, role model and provider. PJ (as I usually call him) works for our rural electric membership corporation so when the lights go out, he goes out------then we're in a mess. But he always takes care of us first and foremost.  We are very blessed to have him leading our family.

4 Precious Children:

Our first blessing was a bouncy little boy - who is now the other "Man of the House".  A 22 year old who grew up much too quickly to suit his mother. He is a wonderful young man and we are very proud.   He can and will do anything we ask of him and now that he is "driving and working", he helps a lot!  He fetches dog food, etc for all our four legged friends and carries dogs with him to work as needed.  He was lucky to have grown up around a vet (since as a breeder we go there a lot) and when a job came open he got it,  he is now employed as a vet tech wtih Dr. Jim Carter and has been there almost 5 years.  He enjoys animals like we do.

Blessing #2....
Our first daughter is very mature, extremely intelligent 19 year old lady. She is the head strong, determined type and once she has her mind on something.....there is NO changing it.  She is our more reserved child - but once she decides she likes you - look out......you have a true friend for life.  Very pure, honest young lady. You can usually find this one curled up on the couch or somewhere reading a book - we can't keep her supplied in books, as she reads constantly if allowed.  She is very mature and can be counted on to completely take care of things with dogs and pups in our absence.  We can and do count on her in many ways.   

Our third blessing...
Our second daughter is full of spunk.... She is 17, going on 27 and thinks she is grown...We have to keep an eye on this one since she is afraid of absolutely NOTHING.  Came to the house this summer with a snake she caught with her bare hands....yikes!   She is sassy, bossy, prissy and absolutely adorable - we figure she will be an excellent leader one day.......of something???  She has blossomed into quite a lovely young lady who is a die hard athlete - playing fastpitch softball every chance she gets.  She is also often found hiding out with a book - we were blessed with at least 2 children who love to read (or maybe the homeschooling helped with that) 

And last, but certainly not least - in 2008 we were blessed with our fourth child who is now 8...a beautiful, sweet, full of life young lady...daughter number 3 - 10 years after the last one!  She has been such a wonderful blessing and addition to this family.  She has made child care come alive in this home full of teenagers.  I used to teach child care to high school students - now this child is the best teacher of all to my own :)  We all adore her ... hope she isn't too rotten.  She loves ALL the puppies and helps us socialize every single one....the late blessing that iced our cake and completed our family.





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